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The Classic Briefcase 
Over 30 Years of Continuous Refinement Has Resulted in Our Masterpiece

Is this the last briefcase you will ever buy?  We think it might be.  Just ask any of our customers, many of whom have been carrying a Mitchell case for 10 to 20 years. Each and every briefcase is made one-at-a-time, by hand, in our factory located in the Historic Third Ward District of Downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin.  We use only the finest quality materials such as carefully selected leather hides and solid brass hardware.  Our hides are chosen for their distinctive character, feel, color, and grain, making every one of our creations unique and timeless.  Our briefcase benefits from patented design elements that were specifically created to address the most critical problems of structural integrity and strength.  Our current versions are the result of decades of continuous improvement. 

Our Classic briefcase has the following features:

- Mitchell patented Modular Handle - U.S. Patent #5127500
- Mitchell patented Strap Holder with resistance pouch -  U.S. Patent #5931270
- Our special outside back pocket that will not sag
- Adjustable length leather shoulder strap with all-leather comfort shoulder pad
- Three compartments, two are 2.5" deep and one is slim for laptops
- External dimensions of 17" wide by 12" tall, depth 4" to 6" depending on contents
- Optimized for most modern laptop computers 15" or smaller
- Multiple smaller pockets for cell phones, wallets, etc...
- Large inside zipper pocket
- Snap-on leather key holder
- Four pen holders
- Leather-lined solid brass feet

- Solid brass or nickel hardware, plated steel for strength in critical parts
- Edges are finished with binding and are hand stained
- For views of the inside of the case, see examples on our Horween Page

Built to order
Priced from $1790
See the Horween Leather Options Page for Examples and Recommendations

Latest version of the Classic Briefcase with slim center laptop compartment & two large compartments

Also features phone pockets, business card pocket, pen holders, key holder, iPad/Tablet pocket

Also features 3/4 high front pocket, hanging zipper pocket and full size outside rear pocket


The Messenger Briefcase - A Modern Twist On Our Classic 

The Mitchell Messenger is one of the most attractive and streamlined designs we have ever made.  It is based on our Classic Briefcase with the same size double-gusset main compartments, slim center laptop compartment, and full size outside back pocket.  Like the Classic, there is ample room for a laptop computer and all of your documents, books, folders and other belongings.  There are multiple pen holders,  a key holder and pockets for cell phones, wallets and other small items as well as a large inside zipper pocket.  The Messenger is a pleasure to carry because of our unique shoulder strap and large all-leather comfort pad.   This bag is built to last and features a version of our patented resistance strap holder which has proven to be virtually indestructible in decades of use on our Classic Briefcase.  We have gone a step further than other messenger-type bags by incorporating a steel support plate in a critical location to prevent the bending and sagging that normally occurs.  The aesthetic is modern-classic all the way with a combination of ruggedness and elegance that is rare at any price.

Built to order
Priced from $1790
See the Horween Leather Options Page for Examples and Recommendations


The Compact Classic Briefcase - Elegant & Efficient

The newest Mitchell creation is a smaller version of our venerable Classic briefcase.  Known as the Compact Classic, this case is perfect for today's new smaller netbook computers, iPad and letter-sized folders and documents.  The Macbook Pro13 is also a perfect fit.  It measures 13.5" wide by 10.5" tall externally and uses the exact same ultra-rugged patented construction as the Classic, including the modular handle with integrated steel frame, resistance strap holders and leather lined solid brass feet.  There are two main compartments (approximately 12.75" wide  x 9" tall) with multiple inner pockets, a detachable key holder, pen holders, an internal zipper pocket and outside back pocket.  We also include the same heavy duty double layer adjustable strap and leather shoulder pad as is used on our larger cases.   Shown here in chestnut Dublin with brown CXL accent leather, the Compact Classic is available in the same variety of leathers as our larger cases.  

Built to order
Priced from $1390

See the Horween Leather Options Page for Examples and Recommendations


The Compact Messenger - Casual and Quick Access

We also now offer a smaller version of our full size Messenger.  Dimensions and specifications are the same as the Compact Classic above but without the handle and with a long flap featuring hidden Neodymium magnets for quick access. 

Built to order
Priced from $1390

See the Horween Leather Options Page for Examples and Recommendations


Customizing Your Briefcase

Our briefcases are often built to order which allows you to customize the look of your case.  Here are some of the choices:

1) Determine which model/style case you want. 
Classic Briefcase
Messenger Case
Compact Classic Briefcase
Compact Messenger Case

2) Choose a main exterior leather.  To help you decide, answer some of the following questions:

Do you tend to dress more casual or formal?

Is the case going to be used for daily work in a more formal environment?

Do you like darker or lighter leathers?  If darker, do you lean toward black or brown?

Would you prefer that your case be all one color or a two tone?

There are lots of possibilities here.  The most popular are: all black, all brown, two-tone with brown and black, and two-tones that have burgundy and black.  To make an all black bag less ordinary we often do a two-texture combination of something like smooth black main leather with pebble grain leather for the binding and buckle details.  In the brown family you have all kinds of great choices from light to dark.  If you narrow it down to liking lighter or darker browns, your best bet is to check with me to see what interesting leather hides I have on hand.  Two-tones with brown and black are great because they will match whatever shoes and belt you have on. 

3) Ask us to recommend an interior lining leather.  We use specially selected lighter weight lining leathers for the interior of our cases.  It's always nice to have a color that compliments the exterior.  We often use earth tones like beige, brown or black, but colors like navy, dark green or red are popular as well. 

4) Choose your logo.  We don't offer any of our briefcases without a logo, but you can opt for our minimalist wallet sized Mitchell Crest, which now has the trademark "R" removed to make it even more simple.  Otherwise, we have the Mitchell/Horween Collection circle logo for any case made from Horween main exterior leather.

5) Do you own an iPad or other Tablet?  We now build an iPad pocket into all of our cases that will also work for most other tablets.  This holds your iPad snug and prevents it from bouncing around the larger compartments.  Let us know if you have something of a different size.

6) Tell us how tall you are and whether you prefer to carry your bag cross-body or not. 
Our already adjustable shoulder strap can be better optimized for you if we have this information.

7) Choose Brass or Nickel hardware. 
If you don't specify we will default to brass because it is what we have used for nearly 40 years.  By popular demand we now offer the option of nickel hardware as well.

Please email or call with any questions you may have or to place an order.
When visiting Milwaukee be sure to stop by for a tour of our factory.

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