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Custom Watch Bands

Above: Custom Horween Natural Shell Cordovan Band for Panerai

We build custom watch bands for your existing watch.  You can pick the leather and have us design something special and distinctive for you.  To help insure good sizing it is preferable to have you send us the old band from your watch. 

Custom Traditional Watch Bands

Every watch band maker has their own style and technique, and ours is a full box stitch and single "free" keeperWe prefer the simplicity of a single movable keeper and find that most people agree once they have tried it.  Our premium watch bands are made from a single or double layer of Horween Shell Cordovan and are typically available in natural, burgundy or black.  For a more rustic look we recommend Horween Dublin cowhide which is available in Cognac, chestnut, Italian brown and black.  Call or email for more information. 

Above: Black Shell Cordovan band with graphite stitch on a Panerai

Above: Natural Shell Cordovan band on a Mougin & Piquard watch

Above: Black Shell Cordovan band on a gold Cartier watch

Custom Cuff Watch Bands

We also offer wider cuff-style watchbands See some of the examples below.

Above: Nemesis Mech watch face with custom cuff band.

One nice option is to have multiple watches for one band or multiple bands for one watch.  Call or email to order. 

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