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Classic American Alligator & Dublin Briefcase - $7500 - SOLD

Our second American Alligator Classic Briefcase, this time from Cognac alligator skin with Horween Italian Brown Dublin trim and binding.  We found two beautiful matching 9-foot alligator hides which we combined to make this one case.  The interior is a creamy beige leather and the hardware is all brass.  Like the last case, this is a one-of-a-kind that we built slowly over the last 6 months.  This is also our newest 2XL gusset version with a slim center laptop compartment.  Available now.


Classic American Alligator & Shell Cordovan Briefcase $7500 - SOLD

Classic - Horween Shrunken Bull Shoulder - $1790

The Classic above is shown in Horween Chestnut shrunken shoulder with trim and binding in Italian brown Dublin and the hardware is nickel.  This version is $1790.

The above example features black Horween shrunken shoulder with optional black Shell Cordovan details and black CXL binding which compliment the heavy grain of the shoulder and add some formality to the case.  $1990 with Shell details, $1790 standard.


Classic - Big Grain Mahogany Bison & Black Shell Cordovan $1990

This beautiful big-grain bison leather was tanned in Milwaukee with some input from us and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  We have two colors available in limited quantities: the dark mahogany brown shown above and black.  This example has black Shell Cordovan details and black CXL binding.  $1990 with Shell details, $1790 standard.

Classic - Big Grain Black Bison & Black Shell Cordovan $1990

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