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I live outside of the US.  Do you ship internationally?  Yes.  Please fill out your complete shipping address and phone number into the above form and we'll provide you with a price quote.  Please be sure to list the exact details of what you'd like to order in the box provided.  We only ship via FedEx Priority due to problems with every other less expensive form of shipping we have tried.  The cost with our wholesale FedEx account is typically $20 to Canada and $30 to most other countries, but it will depend upon your actual address.  Once you receive the shipping quote and confirm that you want to place the order, we will send you a Paypal invoice (see the Paypal info below). 

Can you declare the value of the wallet lower so that I can save on import taxes/duties?  Sorry but we must declare the actual exact value of anything you order in order for the shipment to be insured properly.  You will responsible for any and all import duties/taxes charged by your country. 


I'm not a member of Paypal but I'd like to place an order through the shopping cart.  You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use any major credit card when checking out on this site.   We  do recommend joining Paypal as we have found it to be the best and most convenient payment service for online transactions.

I tried to place an order but my payment didn't go through.  Nine out of ten times this is because the address, phone number or security information you entered into wasn't a perfect match for your credit card. Please try again and make sure everything you enter into Paypal is an exact match for your credit card. 

Can I just call or email to place my order? No.  We have developed a system for dealing with international orders that relies on this form and Paypal.  Even with this method international orders are extremely time consuming and take away from our time making leather goods in the factory.


I see that you offer money clip wallets that range from $49 to $179.  What's the difference?  They are exactly the same design and size.  The only difference is the choice of leather used.  Even our "standard" leathers are quite special, but we are also known for using some of the best premium leathers too.  

I'm interested in your money clip wallet but want to know whether it will fit larger Euro bills?  Our wallet measures 4.125" by 3" when closed.  The 3"  height will be the limiting measurement for some of the larger non-US bills.  

Can you make a slightly larger version for me?  We wish it were that simple, but no.  Our wallet is made using carefully developed patterns, hand forged cutting dies and custom sized hardware, so we cannot change the dimensions.  

How many cards and how much cash can your money clip wallet hold?  Ideally we recommend 12 cards or less with more cards stacked in the upper two slots and fewer in the lower slots. Cash should be limited to 10 bills or less. 

Where can I see more of the inside of your money clip wallet?  Visit the "Video Gallery" page at and watch the video "A Closer Look at Our Money Clip Wallet".