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Wallets and Accessories

Our Famous Money Clip Wallet 

We have been making the Mitchell Money Clip Wallet for over 25 years.  The design is simple and elegant while being one of the most slim and efficient wallets ever made.  We select interesting and resilient leathers for our wallets insuring that they are unique and rugged.  Inside there are two card slots per side and each slot can hold multiple cards.  The clip at the center holds all of your cash. 
It's great as a Saturday night wallet where you just want your driver's license, a few credit cards and some cash, but many people end up using it as their main daily wallet.   Order them on our shopping cart by clicking on any of the green "buy" buttons below.
See two videos about our money clip wallets: Click Here

American Cowhide Money Clip Wallet - $49
(Beach Sand, Chocolate Brown and Forest)

Horween Chromexel & Dublin - $79    BUY  
(Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Cognac, Chestnut

Big Grain Bison Leather - $89    BUY  
(Crimson, Black Cherry, Caramel, Mahogany, Black)

Horween Shell Cordovan    BUY  
**please note: shell is in very short supply currently and is not always available**

Above: Inside view of Money Clip Wallet

Above: Big Grain Bison Money Clip Wallets in Black, Crimson, and Caramel Brown

Above: Money Clip Wallet in Burgundy Horween Shell Cordovan

Card Wallets

Now available due to popular demand, our minimalist card wallet is made for holding credit cards, business cards, or combination of both.  You may even be the type that likes to fold your cash and slide it in as well.  Either way, if you are the minimalist type, this is the wallet for you.  They are available with or without our logo.

Above: Card Wallet in Horween Burgundy Shell Cordovan

Horween Chromexel & Dublin - $69     BUY 
(Black, Brown, Burgundy, Natural Beaufort, Cognac, Chestnut
) New Lower Price!

Horween Shell Cordovan 
(Black or Burgundy - Shell Cordovan supply is extremely limited and is not always available)

Above L-R: Horween CXL dark brown (2), golden wheat, burgundy, (flat) golden wheat.


Journal Covers in Horween Dublin - Standard Version $99    BUY   
                                                                     Deluxe Version $129      BUY   

Our pocket sized journal cover is a perfect fit for the small Field Notes and Moleskin versions and feature an extra pocket on the opposite side.   They are available in 4 colors of Horween Dublin (shown left to right below) Cognac, Chestnut, Italian Brown and Black.  We include a Field Notes journal with each one ordered.

Our Journal Covers also work well as a passport holders.  We even offer a Deluxe version with additional card slots for $129.  See the Deluxe version below:

Deluxe Journal & Passport Cover


Vintage Football Leather Collection

Above top L-R: Lg. Valet, Journal Cover, Bracelet, Money Clip Wallet, Key Chain

Horween tannery, makers of the official pro football leather, made us a custom batch of Vintage Football leather out of Italian brown Dublin and we couldn't be happier with the result.  It has the character of a darkened old football which will only get better with use, and it wears like iron.  We used matching smooth It. brown Dublin leather for the insides of the wallets and journal cover as well as the bottom of the valet tray and a light cream colored stitch to complete the vintage look.  Please note, this leather has such a heavy texture that it does not take our logo, but the instantly recognizable football dimple pattern gives it plenty of character.  A must for any football fan.

Large Valet Tray - $99    BUY   
Standard Journal Cover - $99    BUY   
Deluxe Journal Cover - $129    BUY   
Money Clip Wallet - $79
Card Wallet - $69 (not pictured)    BUY   
Key Chain - $39    BUY  

Set of 4 Coasters/Optional Tray - $49/$49    BUY  

Above: Vintage Football Coaster Set with Optional Coaster Valet Tray


Key Chains in Shell Cordovan - $49     BUY   

These are a wonderful leather tab to attach your keys to made out of Horween Shell Cordovan.

Above top to bottom: Burgundy, Natural and Black Shell Cordovan


Custom Dog Collars

We've been making custom dog collars for a few years and thought we'd offer them to people who don't get to visit our store.  Available in standard leathers; Italian Glazed Brown, Espresso Black/Burgundy/Dark Brown starting at $99.  Premium Horween leathers like Dublin from $149.  Call or email to order. 

Above: Burgundy Espresso and Dark Brown Espresso

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