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iPad Leather Cases- Available for All Versions

How about something special to carry your iPad in?  We can build you a unique and luxurious case out of your choice of the same gorgeous leathers that we use for our briefcases.  Our case is lined and has an opening centered at the bottom so you can plug in your charger without removing  the iPad from the case.  This is the exact opposite of all the mass-produced versions made with inferior leathers or synthetic materials.  The only problem you'll have is dealing with the endless compliments and questions about where you got it.  Email us to order.

Above: iPad Air Sleeve in Horween Italian Brown Dublin

Horween Leathers - $179

Above: iPad Mini Case in Horween Natural CXL

Above: iPad Case in American Cowhide Chocolate Brown
Every so often we get asked why we don't make the kind of case that opens like a book and keeps your iPad captive.  Well, it's because the whole reason you buy they iPad is that it's so beautifully engineered with a sleek form that feels wonderful in your hand.  Permanently putting it into a bulky case, especially one made from synthetic material or inferior leather, means you never interact with your iPad and it's sleek form again.  Our case is a much slimmer and more elegant solution.

Our recommendation is to use Apple's thin magnetic "Smart Cover" (not the Smart Case) which acts as the perfect functional stand, then slide both into our leather case for the ultimate style and protection.

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