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Men's Custom Leather Belts

In an era when even your favorite designers are making belts in China, Mitchell Leather can make you high quality custom fitted belt from our specially selected leathers.  Our standard designs are 1.25" wide and use two layers of leather glued and stitched back-to-back so they won't come apart. Our keeper is hand made, double stitched with rolled edges and our buckles are all solid brass.


Select from the following:

Stitching Color: Matching or Contrast Stitch
Buckle Finish: Brass, Nickel, or Antique
Belt Width - 1.25" standard, 1.5" optional

Standard Leathers

 1 1/4 " Wide - $149            1 1/2" Wide - $169

Horween and Premium Leathers
1 1/4" Wide - $169 1 1/2" Wide - $189

Sizing: To order a belt from us you MUST give us at least "measurement A" described below.  We can figure out "measurement B" for you if needed.  Follow these instructions to measure one of your existing belts.   Do this carefully because it will determine how well your belt fits. 

"Measurement A" is from where the belt attaches to the buckle (do not include the buckle) to the hole you use most.  This is your actual waist size and will typically be about 2" more than the pants size you buy.

"Measurement B" is the total length of the belt (again, do not include the buckle).  Subtracting "A" from "B" gives you the "tail" length or the number of inches from the hole used to the end of the belt.  You normally want a tail of 6 to 7 inches.  We don't actually need this measurement as it can be determined by adding 6 to 7 inches to the "A" measurement, but sometimes it's useful to see what you are used to with your existing belts.

Please Call or email to order belts
Because we build each belt custom to order, you are responsible for accurately measuring your size.  Once we make a belt for you, it's yours, so please follow sizing instructions carefully.


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